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The 2024 program has been announced! Meet the speakers from ALIADA, Dow, Unilever, Pilot Chemical, Euromonitor, ABIPLA, Novonesis, WWF Mexico, AlEn, Indorama Ventures, and more!

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Welcome & Opening Remarks
Session I: Market Trends and Consumer Insights in Latin America
< Session Description >
Moderator: Pablo Marcelo Rodriguez, Executive Director, ALIADA

During this session, speakers will give an overview of cleaning product trends in Latin America, consumer insights. 
Outlook for Regional Home Care Industry and Opportunities Amid New Consumer Reality
During the last few years, as the region grappled with inflationary pressures affecting a broad range of mass consumption categories, the Home Care industry has faced new challenges. Addressing the needs of consumers who are actively seeking both affordability and quality has become a priority. Deeply understanding the Latin American consumer – their values and purchasing habits – is essential. Embracing circular economy principles within innovation initiatives is pivotal. This strategy not only aligns with sustainability goals but also addresses the demand for environmentally responsible products. By integrating these principles, companies can discover new opportunities and adapt more effectively to the evolving market dynamics.
Jorge Araya | Consultant, Euromonitor International
80 years of CANAJAD in Cleaning Products Industry in Mexico
Additional speaker: Ramon Abad, General Manager, CANAJAD
Alejandra Abad | President, CANAJAD
La Economía circular como marco de crecimiento sostenible de la industria de higiene y limpieza en Latinoamerica
El marco colaborativo para asegurar la circularidad en la Region
Paolo Mazza Forno | President, ALIADA
Networking Break
Session II: Regulatory Requirements
< Session Description >
Moderator: Paulo Engler, President, ABIPLA

This session will cover requirements from different countries, updates on each and what regulatory departments can learn from other countries. 
Regulations Trends in Latin America for Cleaning Products and for their Industry
Update of 2023 changes
Plans for 2024
How the agenda is moving to Environmental requirements
  • EPR – Circular economy initiatives
  • Plastics
  • Post consumer Waste management.
  • Sound management of Chemical substances
What next?
Pablo Marcelo Rodríguez | Executive Director, ALIADA
U.S. Regulatory Landscape for Cleaning Products
Cleaning products are highly regulated in the United States.  Manufacturers and marketers must comply with a number of federal and state laws and regulations to ensure that these products are safe and effective for consumers and workers.  This presentation will review recent laws and regulations on topics, including chemical management, ingredient disclosure, packaging requirements, and end of life considerations. 
Nicholas Georges | Senior Vice President, Scientific & International Affairs, HCPA (Household & Commercial Products Association)
Networking Lunch
Session III: Mexican Cleaning Products Industry
< Session Description >
Moderator: Jennifer Daniel, Regional Director, SC Johnson
Regulatory challenge: Process water in the Cleaning product industry
In light of the global water scarcity, we face significant challenges due to hygiene product regulations. Today, it is imperative to seek solutions that effectively tackle the rising demand and the constrained supply of water.
Adriana Cario | Sr Regulatory Manager, AlEn
Session IV: TBD
Presentation to be Confirmed
Presentation to be Confirmed
Networking Break
Session V: Trends in Laundry and Fragrance
< Session Description >
Innovations, liquid detergent formulations, R&D on new molecules/polymers and fragrances in cleaning products.
IFF Metasleep TM
… a new era of sleep experience: Scent Solutions with Scientific demonstrated sleep benefits.
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  • Science backed & beyond pre-sleep

Julia Fox | Scent Design Group Director – Product Design & Ventures, IFF
Presentation to be Confirmed
Closing Remarks & Welcome Reception
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Session VI: Plastics Initiatives in the Cleaning Products Industry
Retos y Oportunidades Para la Economía Circular de los Plásticos en el Contexto de un Tratado Global
En esta presentación analizaremos cuáles son los retos comunes de las empresas para reducir la contaminación plástica y cómo la colaboración precompetitiva es esencial. También analizaremos las implicaciones más importantes del tratado Global que se encuentra actualmente en proceso de negociación.
Ninel Escobar | Director Climate Change, WWF Mexico
Session VII: The Future of Cleaning and Formulations
High Performance, Low Dosage: Solvents that Boost Cleaning without Compromising Safety
Nowadays, several formulations, especially those used in high effort applications requiring fat removal and/or cleaning, are commonly composed of solvents that facilitates cleaning without compromising the integrity of the surface. Also, the process of developing these formulations also incorporates the safety of the end consumer, ease of use, reduction of time spent during use, and environmental impact reduction. Therefore, there are an increasing interest in research and tests that proven the solvents present in the formulations provide benefits in terms of effectiveness and safety, even when used in reduced quantities. Indorama Ventures' solvents play a crucial role providing flexibility in product formulation in the Home Care market because their physicochemical properties and high versatility granting formulators to manufacture more innovative products. ULTRASOLVE® H line demonstrates superior performance when compared to solvents available in the market for various aspects, such as low toxicity, high performance, water solubility capacity, very low odour, as well as safety for consumers and surfaces, allowing effectiveness and performance even in neutral pH formulations.
Maricela Garcia | Technical Specialist Development, Indorama Ventures
Cleaning based on friendly microbial is the new biotechnology ready to disrupt the household cleaning product industry in Latin America
There is a new and differentiated biotechnology that can be used “friendly” microorganisms in household cleaning products with exceptional benefits. Due to their unique cleaning benefits, and it is a perfect fit for home care products, ranging from surface cleaners, dish soap, and even laundry detergent. This biotechnology has multiple performance advantages compared to standard chemical cleaning products, such as microscopic cleaning in hard-to-reach spaces, long-lasting cleaning for multiple days, delivering long-lasting hygiene benefits through the prevention of growth of bacteria, fungi, etc. and more.  Additionally, it favor the use of natural chemistry rather than synthetic one and they are 100% natural. This disruptive technology will be essential for the future of cleaning and is an important area of innovation for our sector towards a sustainable future with safe products for humans and the environment. 
Renata Brugliato | Regional R&D Homecare manager, Unilever
Panel: Discussion with Future of Cleaning Speakers
  • Maricela Garcia, Technical Specialist Development, Indorama Ventures
  • John Harp, Technical Deployment Team Manager for the global Professional and Microbial Cleaning business, Novonesis
  • Juliana Pantalena, Americas Commercial Director, Surfactants, Cepsa Química, S.A 
  • Renata Brugliato, Regional R&D Homecare Manager, Unilever
Networking Break
Session VIII: Consumers and Sustainability Challenges
From warehouse to consumers: trends and challenges towards sustainability
In this presentation I will explain the challenges of distribution across Latin America for Henkel consumer brands, what we have done to decrease the impact of CO2 emissions in Warehousing and transportation and what is the next chapter towards a supply chain without emissions.
Enrique Macias | Project Manager, Henkel Consumer Brands
Networking Lunch
Session IX: The Future of Cleaning – Costs, R&D and Market Disruptions
< Session Description >
This session will cover:
•    Introduction to the HI&I industry and its supply of ingredients
•    Current challenges: supply chain disruptions and energy crisis
•    Market forecast and what megatrends will emerge from the current situation
Bio-derived and Energy-Saving Solutions: A Portfolio Focused on a Better Future
At Dow, we are collaborating across value chains and leveraging our expertise in materials science to scale business solutions and drive transformational changes that leads to a more circular, lower-carbon, more resource-efficient society and a healthier planet. To address the challenges faced by Home Care industry, Dow is developing a journey of new solutions, transitioning from the traditional chemistries and formulations to bio-based alternatives, more concentrated products and energy saving alternatives.  
Olga Beatriz López | Senior Technical Service and Development, Dow
Precision in Laundry: Harnessing Enzymes for Superior Performance
In a world where consumers seek cost-efficiency, sustainability and detergents that can help clothes look new for longer, and the industry demands high performance and resilience in products, bioscience emerges as the key to the solution. It enables the creation of laundry detergents that bring clean and care while respecting the planet but also cater to specific regional preferences. Embrace the future where each wash cycle is a testament to innovation and the deep understanding of consumer needs. Discover how we at IFF are redefining cleanliness, one granular enzyme at a time. Performance, naturally better.
Carolina Velasquez | Technical Support, Home Care, Latin America, IFF
Pilot Chemical Innovations in Surface Care and Dish
Pilot Chemical Company started in 1952 with an innovative way of making surfactants through a patented process known as Ice-Cold Sulfonation. The company’s innovative and entrepreneurial culture has continued into the 21st century through investing in and investigating other surfactant chemistries and technologies. In 2020, Pilot Chemical introduced a super-concentrated surfactant product line, Aspire®, to the marketplace consisting of an efficient, innovative blend of anionic, nonionic, and cationic surfactants that is greater than 97% active liquid. These products are cold-processable, low- viscosity, free-flowing liquids with a low freeze point for easy handling and storage. The super-concentrated formula has exceptional detergency performance and can be used to develop laundry unit dose packs, liquid-laundry detergents and hard-surface cleaners. In 2022, Pilot Chemical introduced its first two biobased surfactants – CalNext™ 126 and 196 – to the marketplace. These new biobased surfactants were designed for HI&I applications to meet our customers’ needs of sustainability, high performance, and production scalability. CalNext™ 126 and 196 biobased surfactants are produced via a patent-pending chemical batch process, instead of through fermentation. This novel production process means CalNext™ 126 and 196 can easily meet customer volume needs. Even better, both biobased surfactants are derived from renewable, non-food, biomass feedstocks, so they can be produced without causing a burden to the raw material source. Based on customer feedback, Pilot Chemical will be introducing CalNext™ 190C and 196C to further improve upon the formulation experience to allow a broader pH range, product clarity, and stability. Pilot Chemical’s presentation at the CPLA conference will first showcase the cleaning performance data for the Aspire® and CalNext™ product lines, along with the sustainability and scalability characteristics of our biobased surfactants. The performance data will include All-Purpose Cleaners; Bathroom Cleaners; and Laundry, Dish, and Glass Cleaners as compared to leading brands. 
Oscar Hernandez Herver | Latin America Sales Manager, Pilot Chemical
Networking Break
Session X: Sustainability and Carbon Footprint
< Session Description >
Moderator: Juliana Pantalena, Americas Commercial Director, Surfactants, Cepsa Química, S.A.

This session will discuss different ways to view sustainability – sustainability claims and how to measure, sustainability plans from major companies within the cleaning products industry and more.
Panel - Driving Change: What Does Sustainability Mean?
This panel will address - What does sustainability look like for the future? How do you define sustainability? How can we inspire other companies to strive for more sustainable products?

  • Juliana Pantalena, Americas Commercial Director, Surfactants, Cepsa Química, S.A.
  • Aubin Ramos Lozano, Gerente Nacional de Suministros (Head of Supply), AlEn 
Closing Remarks