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Session I: Market Trends in Latin America
Challenges, Results of ABIPLA Actions in 2019 and Brazilian Trends in Cleaning Products
  • Invitation for governmental officials as speakers
  • Courtesy invitation for governmental officials (City Hall, State Government) and press
  • Discounts policy for ABIPLA members
  • Dissemination of the CPLA full program
  • Media tool kit for Brazilian press and other key opinion leaders

Paulo Engler | Executive Director, ABIPLA
Latin American Cleaning Products Industry Evolution
How the Cleaning products Industry in Latin American is moving ahead of Consumer trends, in a Circular Economy way, to fulfill next generation’s needs, in an open Latin American commercial market
  • New consumer trends along the Region
  • Key products for a healthy family, business, and hospitality services
  • Circular Economy as a base of a sustainable industry, with non-impacts for future generations.
  • A task for a regulatory convergence along the Region, thinking in the future integration with the world.

Paolo Mazza Forno | President, ALIADA
Understanding the New Clean Freak in Latin America
Dow presents Clean Freak, with 5 biggest trends and their impact to have a new generation of products which can be enabled technically with a synergy of different chemistries as silicones, acrylates and cellulosic, based in new claims on transparency, efficacy, convenience and sustainability for laundry, surface & dish cleaning. Let’s seek together for a category that is growing in LATAM and is requesting Circular Economy, new packaging and simplification, keeping affordability as a must.
José Alberto Pino Andrade | Home Care Marketing Manager – Latin America Consumer Solutions, Dow
Let’s Talk About Sustainability
Sustainability is a hot topic in FMCG. It is not, however, a priority in much of Latin America. Ignorance of the potential risks to the business and brand capital, the lack of concrete government actions and a lack of information regarding its importance to consumers are just a few of the objections companies list when talking about investing in and incorporating sustainability.

Brand strategies focus on putting consumers at the center, and consumers across the globe are increasingly valuing sustainable options regarding plastic, water usage, circular economy models, chemical and non-biodegradable ingredients and energy costs. So, let’s talk about it! How important is sustainability for the company? What specifically is the company investing in regard to sustainability? What is the company’s strategy regarding packaging/renewable energy/water? Are there examples of collaboration between companies that have led to innovation?

In this presentation, we’ll be covering what aspects of unsustainable production could put the home care industry at risk in the future, how companies and governments have designed short-term preventive measures, the barriers to sustainability, and how the strategic focus of the entire industry, accompanied by government efforts, should favor sustainability initiatives. We’ll also cover this from a qualitative standpoint highlighting specific case studies of products and initiatives from around the globe.
Jorge Araya | Research Analyst, Euromonitor International
Networking Break
Session II: Regulatory Landscape in Latin America
Authorities Panel
During this panel, four representatives from government authorities in Latin America will discuss the latest regulations and give updates on ingredient transparency, labels, plastics and packaging
Lunch Break
Session III: Disruptive Technologies
Regenerative Design of Cleaning Products - A Growing Field
As environmental awareness has evolved, so too have sustainability practices evolved, from reduction of negative environmental impacts (doing less bad), to environmental restoration (repairing the damage done), to "regeneration" (the creation of positive environmental impacts from product sourcing, manufacturing, and use). Frameworks for regenerative systems have been proposed for agriculture, forestry, and medicine, but what does it mean to have a regenerative cleaning product, and is it possible to sustain giving back more than you use? This presentation considers whether engineered materials, chemical products, processes, and product systems can be regenerative, whether giving back more than you use is sustainable, and proposes a framework by which to design and evaluate such systems.
Martin Wolf | Director, Sustainability & Authenticity, Seventh Generation
On the Path to Mainstreaming Green Detergents
Presentation from Pilot Chemical
An innovative, nearly 100% active surfactant blend provides a platform to develop and create cleaning products ranging from laundry pods to hard surface cleaners. Tests show products with the blend have superior performance to most of the tested HI&I type cleaners at lower surfactant use levels. The high active nature of this state-of-the-art blend saves materials and transportation costs, encourages imaginative and flexible product formulas, and enhances a product’s sustainability footprint.
Colin Horwitz | Head of Innovation DS&C, Pilot Chemical Co.
Networking Break
Protection & Prevention of Outbreaks for Home Care and Professional Hygiene
In a world with 7.7 Billion people, the rapid spread of novel viruses and bacterias that are even more resistant is a real danger. This presentation will take a closer look at ways to avoid outbreaks and protect/educate the population with safer disinfection processes and technologies.
Craig Carter | Marketing Director – Americas, Microbial Control Solutions, Lonza
Panel: Driving Innovation Through Collaboration
This panel discussion will be moderated by Viviane Pereira De Souza, Head of South America, Household Care at Novozymes.

Panelists to be announced!
Viviane Pereira De Souza | Head of South America – Household Care, Novozymes
Conclusion of Day One
Session IV: Circular Economy, Sustainability and Retailer Initiatives
Case studies: Delivering Sustainability to the Cleaning Market
  • Fabric Care: How to protect and extend the lifetime of clothing
  • Zinador 35L: A new odor neutralizer for laundry formulations
  • Eco Range: 100% biobased products to make your formulation more sustainable

José Davi Pugliese | Business Development Manager, Latin America Home Care & Water Treatment, Croda
Sustainability Within the Latin American Marketplace
Presentation from Procter & Gamble
Networking Break
Session V: Digital Transformation and Innovating within the Cleaning Products Industry
Presentation TBD
Presentation details coming soon!
How Digital Transformation is Changing the Way Reckitt Benckiser Does Business, Interacts with Consumers and Improve Performance
It is no news that digital is changing the way companies do business. however, many companies still struggle with the question "How do we transform? How do I adapt from an offline to an online world? The barriers vary from mindset, people skills, investment, capabilities, among many others.
Looking from a marketing point of view, RB is reinventing how mkt campaigns talk to consumers, from a massive communication with one single asset, the famous 30 seconds copies, to a targeted, integrated and contextual based approach, with different assets to different clusters.

The journey for this included several interventions. From an organization standpoint, both the agency and the company media team changed. Talking about capabilities, we took advantage of Google platforms and started using programmatic media and insights. And last, as the key intervention point, was the implementation of an in house agency, with almost 20 people combining digital creators, business Insights leaders, media traders and project owners. This brings big agility to the media team and allowed real time decisions.

This is speeding the transformation and improving performance for all our brands.
Vanessa Bentivegna | Head of Media and Digital Transformation Marketing, Reckitt
Lunch Break
Session VI: Clean Labels, Transparency and Packaging Challenges
Innovation, Sustainability and Delivery of Safe and Sustainable Ingredients
Speaker Details and Abstract Coming Soon!
SC Johnson Keeps Global Promise, Expands Ingredient Transparency to Latin America
Speaker Details & Abstract Coming Soon!
How to Create Cost Savings with Formulations
Speaker Details & Abstract Coming Soon!
How Unilever is Helping to Develop Brazil’s Circular Economy
This presentation will provide an overview about the category sustainability agenda in the region with examples of new formulations, labels, packaging and campaigns - detailed abstract coming soon!
Eduardo Campanella | Vice President of Home Care Category in Latin America, Unilever
Ingredient Transparency Trends in Latin America
Panel: Challenges of Creating Products with Less Packaging and Plastic
Panelists to be announced!
Presentation To Be Confirmed
Closing Remarks & Conclusion of Conference