“Green Detergents, Performance & Regulatory Updates – Mapping the Road in the Cleaning Products Industry” - Online Workshop

Date: Wednesday 20 April 2021

Time: 13:00 - 16:50 BST


1:00pm - Welcome & Introduction

Ian Bell | Global Lead - Home Care, Research, Euromonitor International

1:30pm - Green Detergents in Europe - Where Do We Stand in Respect to Cleaning Performance?

Consumers are increasingly looking into more sustainable ways of living including their way of doing laundry. Using energy efficient machines with low water consumption, filling them with the correct wash load and using the appropriate program is of high importance. But the choice of detergent is as essential: Ingredients and packaging should harm the environment as less as possible on one hand, on the other hand performance also needs to be good as prolonged textile life time is a key parameter for the overall sustainability. Performance is also an important driver towards increased market share of green detergents. But where are with this today? Here is what we found on a selection of European laundry detergents.

This presentation will provides an overview on sustainable textile care, green detergents & performance.

Dr Barbara Duecker | HHC Innovation and Insights Manager, Novozymes A/S

2:10pm - Regulatory Updates: Biodegradability Test Strategy Environmental Risk Assessment

Biodegradability of the cleaning products is a key requirement for placing a product on the market. Indeed several regulations exist with specific requirements that could apply to the cleaning products. First of all, the detergent products are regulated by Reg. n°648/2004. Moreover, the CLP regulation n°1272/2008 and the Biocidal Product Regulation n°528/2012 could also apply. As a first part, the different regulations will be presented, including the biodegradability tests. Then the test strategy according to the type of product and the claims will be detailed. Finally a focus on the impacts on the environmental risk assessment will be done, particularly for the disinfectant cleaning products.

This presentation will provide a guidance on Regulatory updates: Biodegradability Test Strategy Environmental Risk Assessment.

Speaker: A Senior representative of Staphyt

2:50pm - Networking break

3:10pm - Wood as a sustainable platform for cleaning chemicals

Leading home and personal care product manufacturers are committed to eliminate non-sustainable ingredients from their brands. This has generated great interest from chemical manufacturers who are seeking to deliver “sustainable” alternatives. However, the definition of sustainability can be rather narrow, often focusing on “biobased” and “biodegradable” as the key metrics. Such narrow definitions risk creating future problems in sustainable branding, as already evident by the developing negative press around palm oil and sugar-based chemicals.

The purpose of this presentation is to stimulate a broader discussion on the meaning of sustainability when it comes to cleaning product chemicals. Presented is an overview of how Borregaard uses sustainably sourced Norwegian wood as a basis for chemical production, and how Borregaard understands its biorefinery operations in relation to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

Speaker: Ross Ellis, Senior Scientist, Borregaard

3:50pm - Woodfibres and their position in sustainable cleaning products

Homecare and personal care manufacturers are intensifying their commitment to responsibly produce their products in response to a strong increase in demands for safety and environmental health.

Sourcing sustainable raw materials plays a vital role in accomplishing this.

The presentation summarizes Sappi’s vision and position in creating high quality functional biomaterials from FSC and PEFC certified forests and how those biomaterials contribute to the road to a greener cleaning industry.

Speaker: Geoffrey Stijfs, Technical Sales Manager, Sappi Europe

4:30pm - Panel Discussion Session: Where are we heading and how quickly?

This Q&A will include all the speakers involved in this session: Euromonitor, Staphyt, Novozymes, Borregaard, and more..

5.00pm - Final Wrap Up & Conclusions

Ian Bell | Global Lead - Home Care, Research, Euromonitor International

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